Saturday, July 5, 2014

Modern Fat Cross {Finished}

The 2014 FAL Q-2 deadline is approaching very quickly (1 day left)... So here is another finish...
Originally named "Fat Cross" but has been renamed "Modern Fat Cross"

Look at all these beautiful colors!

An array of colorful crosses against a low volume background.

I didn't find a pattern I liked and ended up making my own, I wanted the crosses to dominate and not the background. Every piece were chosen and placed one at a time using the design wall.

It was mistakenly quilted with the same variegated thread used with "Fancy That" instead of the ivory thread requested...However, I think it turned out great,  I couldn't love it more so, let's call this one a very happy accident.:) 

You can find previous posts here and  here

This one will be gifted to a special someone and, will be heading to a new home sometime next week where, I am sure it will be love an cherished.:)
I feel a bit sad to see this one go, but I am glad that I have plenty of pictures to look at...

Quilt {DATA}

Name: Modern Fat Cross
Size: Lap Size  66 x 76 inches
Fabrics (crosses): Too many to enumerate...from my all time favorite Fabric Designers. 
Fabrics (background): A mix of low volume I have been collecting.
Binding: Denyse Schmidt-Eyelet in Grey
Backing: Britten Nummer 
Quilting: Edge to edge - Deb's Feathers - A Quilter's Dream Newport VT.
Thread: Aurifil Longarm Polyester Variegated 40wt Thread in Seashell
Pattern: My own.

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  1. So beautiful Maryse! I really like your fabric choices!!

  2. Oh I love this one. The design and the fabrics you have chosen have produced something amazing. Great work!

  3. Absolutely love this, what a stunning quilt! A perfect combination of fabrics and design :-)

  4. Well this is a beauty! Love everything about it! Found you through "AGM" and happy to say you are now stuck with me following along. I look forward to seeing future posts!!!

  5. I love the scrappy low volume background. It's a beautiful quilt!

  6. Wow, this is beautiful Maryse! I see several word prints in the low volume background. I won some recently and wasn't sure what to do with them. You've definitely shown me how they work well as a background. Is your backing fabric from Ikea? I saw on another blog where they had some sort of large writing fabric that was purchased there. Was wondering if this was the same. Thanks for linking up to Anything Goes Monday!

  7. I. love. this. quilt. I too love the chubby crosses and have one as a WIP. But I love, love, love your version with the low volume background.

  8. Most beautiful quilt!!! And all the low volumes are wonderful! x Teje

  9. Like the other commenters, I am struck by the low-volume awesomeness here. Wish I had those prints in my stash!

  10. You sure have a lovely collection of prints. What an absolutely gorgeous quilt! Great way to show them off using this design. Great call on the backing and binding, too. I can see why the Modern Fat Cross will be difficult to part with, Maryse. A beautiful gift!

  11. I love all the low volume prints in the background that let your favorite designer fabric shine.

  12. What a fun quilt! love the fabrics you have chosen :)

  13. it's beautiful! I much prefer these chunky crosses to the standard skinny ones. Great mix of fabrics too.

  14. Stopping by from Lets Bee Social ... I just finished one and it was fun playing with the color. I love the Patchwork and Quilting magazine yours is perfect

  15. I love your fat crosses and your scrappy low volume background! I'm hoping to make a similar quilt sometime this year but I haven't hit on a good "fat" block ratio. What were the measurements of your center and outer blocks?

  16. This quilt is so luscious, I want to snuggle up in it right now!! I agree with everybody who said the fat crosses are perfect and a great way to feature your favorite fabrics.

  17. wonderful quilt. love the low volume fabrics and how it makes it scrappy

  18. This is a really beautiful quilt Maryse. Love the low volume background and the fat crosses.

  19. WOW congrats on the finish. It looks great

  20. This is gorgeous. I really want to make a fat plus quilt and I just love your LV background!!

  21. Wow! That is a beautiful piece of work. I am not even a quilter so I might even be missing some of the finer points but the design is just outstanding.

  22. Hi Maryse,
    I love your style ! I have been searching for a tutorial on this block without success. I have collected a wonderful assortment of low volume, and some great prints for the fat crosses. I am a new quilter and drafted a pattern for the block myself, but I think the ratio looks a little "off". Would you mind sharing your cutting instructions for one block? i would be very grateful. Thank you !!

  23. I like your use of text fabrics for the low-volume background. My favourite fabrics to use!