Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WIP Wednesday - How to press the seams on a Swoon Block

I must admit I am a bit obsess with my seams ... 

The first Swoon Block I made did not look great, and after a few tries, here's what I came up with. I thought to share how I pressed the seams with you in the hope that it may be useful to some of you.
I suppose this technique could be used or adapted to different blocks as well.
The idea is to reduce the bulk at the intersection of the seams by evenly distributing the weight of the fabric, that way you get a perfect (or almost) flat quilt block. 

How to?? 
1. All HSTs units were pressed seams open.
2. All seams on the flying geese units were pressed toward the sky.

3. The seams were pressed in alternating directions, see image below.

Here are a couple of helpful links you might like and inspired me:
How to pop your seams Great video by Adriane at On The Windy Side,  this tutorial  by Hip to be a Square and How to make a perfect four patch quilt block by April. 

There it is, you get a nice flat quilt block.

I am glad to say that I finished my Swoon Quilt Top yesterday (happy happy). I wasn't able to take a picture before I leave FL, so proper picture coming soon. 

Best, Maryse

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  1. Interesting pic. I must say I've never seen anyone take a pic of the back like that. It is refreshing to see it. Can't wait to see the front now.

  2. That is one reason why your finished quilts are so amazing Maryse! Have a safe and comfortable trip as you return north!

  3. I love my seams to nest as well. Great picture. I'm looking forward to seeing the top. Be safe.

  4. Thanks for the tips! I've only made a mini Swoon, but a big one is on my list of things I'd like to make!

  5. Thank you SO MUCH! That's EXACTLY what I needed! :-)